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Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

Young Woman Marries Playboy boss

Hugh Hefner
TioNews - Playboy boss Hugh Hefner, will soon end the period with a gain dudanya sexy model, Crystal Harris. Harris age 61 years younger it is considered no big deal.

85-year-old man was admitted love relationship with the 24-year-old woman went well. He also asserted that many people who have difficulty understanding the love that terbina between him and Harris. But, he never mempersalahkannnya.

"If you're in good health condition, age is just a number. I'm consistent, when I was 20 years old, I was dating 20-year-old woman. Now I am 85 years and I still go out with them," Hefner said in an interview with Metro newspaper as quoted by Femalefirst, Wednesday, June 8, 2011.

Hefner added that he and his fiancee have a lot in common so far adrift of the age difference that was not a big case for him.
"I can not foresee right now could have a relationship like this in the coming years," he said.

Hefner and Harris will get married next June 18. This white-haired man admitted that he had prepared everything. He wants his marriage to Harris became a memorable moment.

No wonder, she prepares it with a special wedding. Hefner will hold her wedding reception at the Playboy Mansion. The event will be attended by approximately 300 guests consisting of family and close friends of the couple.


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