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Senin, 06 Juni 2011

Send Photos Lewd, Member of the House of Representatives Apologizes

Anthony Weiner
A member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Anthony Weiner, deeply regret having to send photos cabulnya to a woman through her ​​account at Twitter. However, Weiner said he would not resign due to scandal. The problem is, Chairman of the Democratic Faction in the House actually wanted to investigate whether it violated the ethics of their cadres representatives.

"I have made ​​a mistake and it was very stupid public ... Please rate my self as it is," so narrative Weiner, quoted by the Associated Press, in a press conference in New York, on Monday local time. During recognition, Weiner looked wiped tears from her eyes.

U.S. Democratic Party politician was admitted sending a picture of him alone, wearing only underwear, to a young woman on Twitter. Weiner had repeatedly denied the photograph was deemed obscene.

This is not simply a matter of image. Weiner, who has a family, also admitted inappropriately associated with the six women during the three years through conversations on social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook, as well as telephone.

However, Weiner claimed to have never met or physically associated with them. He also claimed never to have sex with someone other than his wife.

Nevertheless, Weiner admitted that he had repeatedly apologized to his wife, Huma Abedin. His wife was known as the senior staff of U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. "I apologize deeply to him," said Weiner, a member of the House of Representatives representing New York.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Democratic Faction in the House, Nancy Pelosi, very disappointed with the scandal. He then called on Parliament to form a team of investigators to determine if Weiner does not violate the code of ethics or not.

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