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Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Osama Bin Laden and arsenal

Osama Bin Laden and arsenal
Osama Bin Laden is the center of attention. Not just about his death at the hands of the United States special forces and the controversy over his body thrown into the sea. All related terrorist leader's life was now dikulik. tio-tutorblog this time interested in the news that Osama Bin Laden and arsenal. he's a big fan of English football club, Arsenal. A number of international mass media to write about love Osama against Arsenal away before he transformed into a terrorist leader.

Bleacher Report wrote that while traveling in the framework of recruiting in London in 1994, Osama fascinated with the game 'the Gunners'. Since then, he was diligent to come to the field, so fans loyal to Arsenal.

Osama reported a number of media that he never witnessed a gala match when Arsenal beat Paris St Germain and Torino in the European Cup.

Because of her love for Arsenal, Osama reward the Gunners replica jerseys with the name of Ian Wright on the back for his son, Abdullah. In fact, bin Laden is rumored to use football in recruitment tactics, to find out who can work well in teams, and who is qualified to be commander.

As the site loaded MSN, author Adam Robinson in his book, "Bin Laden: Behind The Mask of Terror" claim, Osama watch Arsenal matches during his stay in London in the 1990s.

The news on the club's love of Osama reveals the post-11 September 2001 terror attacks. At that time, Arsenal immediately take a stance, distancing themselves from Al Qaeda leader. "We have read in the paper. Obviously he will not be accepted at Highbury (Arsenal's former stadium) in the future," said club spokesman.

Meanwhile, Arsenal fan site, Arseweb have another view. They put the name of Osama, is also Fidel Castro and the Queen Mother in the list of 'Celebrity Gooners'. Terror kingpin's love at Arsenal would be seen as good news. "At least North London so the smaller the likely target (terror)."

A number of Bin Laden's biographer and his acquaintances also revealed something similar. His little friend, Khaled Batarfi told the Daily Mirror, in the past he and bin Laden often play soccer when I was living in Saudi Arabia.

"In summer, early in the morning, after the mosque, we often gather to play ball," he said. Unlike other children, Osama rarely quarrel when playing the ball, he just did it for fun.

Not just the ball, a former bodyguard, Nasser al-Bahri said, Osama savvy play volleyball. His position as a center forward. "He's so tall she did not have to jump to smash."
• VIVAnews

Coverage is very interesting for tio-tutorblog was also evidence in humans also happy game of football. Thus the preaching of the tio-tutorblog Osama Bin Laden we wait for news about Osama Bin Laden. Tio salam aja-tutorblog time Osama Bin Laden never been so bloggers


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