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Sabtu, 11 Juni 2011

Osama's body search at sea

Tio-News Bill Warren, treasure hunters from California, United States vowed to find the body of the world's number one terrorist, Osama bin Laden. Warren was determined to seek and find the bodies of terrorists called the President of the United States, Barack Obama was thrown into the northern Arabian Sea.

Warren who has become a treasure hunter since 1972 it will hunt down bin Laden's body in the sea. Warren of course the main destination is the northern Arabian Sea, the location of 'grave' Bin Laden.

"We did this because we feel as a patriotic American citizen, and we feel President Obama failed thrusting evidence of Osama's death," Warren said as reported by TMZ, June 14, 2011.

Warren had to pay hundreds, or thousands of dollars for this unique mission. Warren, who had twice run for the congress is trying to prove themselves and seek the truth of Osama's death, as had been conveyed Obama. "I do not believe the government or Obama though," said Warren.

Warren will use a number of fast boats to conduct the hunt. A number of high-tech devices will be used to find the bodies of the brains behind the events of the twin towers collapse World Trade Center, 11 September 2001. Action Al-Qaeda crashed planes into buildings that killed about 3,000 people.

Al Qaeda itself has confirmed the death of Osama. In fact, the terrorist network was rumored to have appointed a replacement bin Laden as their new leader.

His name is Saif al-Adel. He is Al-Qaeda strategist and former special forces officer Egypt. The news was delivered by former opponents of the Libyan militant ideology of Al Qaeda, Noman Benotman


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