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Selasa, 14 Juni 2011

Playboy boss Cancel Marries Younger Woman

Tio News - Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has announced her wedding plans with Crystal Harris since a few months ago. Both are planning a wedding on 18 June. However, sacred event that will never happen. The couple cancel.

According to the TMZ report, before the wedding day, couples of different ages are involved quarrel. Hefner quarrel with a woman 61 years younger than him it happened on the phone. After the fight, Harris decided to become single again and ready to leave the Playboy mansion as soon as possible.

"Marriage is over. Liver Harris has changed," Hefner said in a personal twitter account, as quoted from Zimbio, Wednesday, June 15, 2011.

Harris did not immediately respond to questions. He only wrote the phrase, "There are two mistakes on the way to the truth .. do not go away and do not start it," said Harris in his personal twitter account.

Previously, this pair has been showing off her wedding plans. Hefner said he and Harris have much in common that made ​​him feel comfortable and confident to marry the blonde lady. Hefner also assume that far adrift of the age difference is not an obstacle to her foster home with Harris.

"I can not foresee right now could have a relationship like this in the coming years," he said some time ago.


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