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Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

5 Countries Southeast Asia Best Competitive

TioNews - Indonesia's competitiveness in the Global Competitiveness Index rankings (CGI) in 2010-2011 increased by 10 ranks highest among countries of the G20 group. This position delivers Indonesia at position 44 out of 139 countries.

The increase Indonesia's competitiveness ranking highest among the G20 countries, beating Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa.

However, for the Southeast Asian region, the position of Indonesia's competitiveness was still less than four neighboring countries. The four countries are Singapore which are in a position to-3, Malaysia (26), Brunei Darussalam (28), and Thailand (38).

New level of competitiveness of Indonesia can beat Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam which are at position 59, Philippines (85), Cambodia (109), and Timor Leste (133).

Based on the report of the World Economic Forum in The Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011 obtained, Thursday, June 9, 2011 mentioned the establishment of Singapore's competitiveness as a country with the third best in the world because the country is at the forefront in combating corruption and government efficiency.

Singapore is also considered to be in first position for the category of raw material efficiency and the labor market. In addition, the former British colony is considered to provide the greatest satisfaction in the financial markets despite being in second position.

One other factor that caused Singapore to be the country with the best competitiveness in Asia is supporting a world-class infrastructure which put him fifth in the world rankings. In this country, roads, ports, and airports provide the best facilities.

Here, four ranking the competitiveness of other countries in Southeast Asia and why:

Malaysia (Rank 26)
Neighboring countries is considered to have the financial markets continue to grow and supply of raw materials more efficiently. Evidently, Malaysia ranked 7th in the affairs of the financial markets and position 27 in the efficiency of raw material.

In addition, Malaysia is famous for his Petronas Towers has also been preparing for the future of his country's economy by providing better business satisfaction (position 25) and gave birth to new innovations (position 24).

Despite these accomplishments, Malaysia has not yet been able to move from position 24. In fact, this country ever is at 17th position before the 'fall' because of the quality of institutions, four years ago.

Brunei Darussalam (Rank 28)
The competitiveness of a country rich in natural resources of gas and oil rose four ratings from the previous 32 to 28. Brunei's economy is being considered through a process of transition from the first stage towards a second phase because of its dependence on oil and natural gas.

Brunei also recorded increases in several sectors such as construction of institutional strengthening, health and basic education, as well as macro economic conditions.

Despite all the basic needs are in a good position, Brunei still face obstacles, especially in terms of starting a business or a business. Therefore, the raw materials market is still far from an efficient Brunei (position 78) and financial markets still needs to be developed (position 55). In addition, the level of competitiveness should be improved with a system of higher education (position 64).

Thailand (Rank 38)
Thailand's competitiveness ranking in 38th position was recorded down two levels from a year ago and 10 levels compared to the 2006. Assessment of public institutions in Thailand continues to deteriorate considered visible from a position that continues to decline 30 levels during the last 4 years into position 70. The condition is not independent of political and social instability.

Nevertheless, Thailand is still enjoying the benefits of domestic and export markets is quite large (position 23), good transport infrastructure (position 23), labor market efficiency (position 24), as well as raw materials market is relatively going well.

World Economic Forum report suggested Thailand to further increase its efforts in increasing health care and education systems and expand efforts to adopt new technologies to improve productivity.

Indonesia (Rank 44)
Thierry is also an economist of the World Economic Forum to assess the strength of Indonesia is rapid economic growth and good fiscal management. Equitable access to basic education also lead to increased quality.

World Economic Forum noted that the Indonesian macro economic conditions improved significantly during the crisis that is up 17 spots to 35.

The report also mentions a number of important factors in the next few years the efficiency of commodity markets due to competitive taxation policies. As one of 20 countries with the largest economy, Indonesia is superior because the largest population and growing middle class. Indonesia is also superior because it has a big market.

However, the problem of bureaucracy and trade barriers still exist. Another weakness of Indonesia's most striking is the infrastructure sector. Condition ports, highways, and railroads are still considered poor.


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