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Sabtu, 11 Juni 2011

'Hiking Tracks' Tourists Without Clothes

Tourists Without Clothes
TioNews - The nudists or naturists in Germany seems to still have to wait around for another year to enjoy the special hiking path that accommodates their penchant for hanging around with no clothes. Winding path and ride down the Harz Mountains was promised to open in May next year.

Tracks that stretches along 18 kilometers from the village until the dam Wippertal Dankerode Harz Mountains, not far from Leipzig. This area is quite popular as a tourist destination hiking in central Germany.

Heinz Ludwig, a local camp manager who led the project, said construction of a special tourist hiking tracks without clothes was still continuing. Amid protests attack people around, he believes the existence of a track that will increase the potential for local tourism.

One of the firm shows the inconvenience of the existence of trajectory that is city government Appenzeel, Switzerland, which is located in the vicinity of the border. A rule was issued earlier this year. Its contents, banning naked pedestrians entering the city. What caught will get a fine of 120 pounds or about Rp1, 6 million.

"I think this is a tourism promotion strategy which is great for this region," Ludwig said after the Bild newspaper published a photograph of two naked women were enjoying the track. "It would be a lot of interesting things on the track that."

Although not yet officially opened, the track was already pretty crowded visited by nudists who can not wait to enjoy the sensation. They are generally active follow this trajectory of development progress in the forums in cyberspace.

Along the track fitted with a special warning that the visitor is likely to run into pedestrians without clothes. "If you do not want to see people who do not wear clothes, do not continue your journey," said one of the posted warning.

Despite protests that continued to attack, hiking tracks that reap some praise for giving space to the nudists to express themselves more freely without disturbing those around them. Therefore, only those who likes to wander without clothes that will go.

Jeanette Schuchmann, Deputy Director of the German National Tourism Office for Britain and Ireland said, "On foot without clothes is part of the expression of liberal society, or who have a free mind in many countries."

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